Monday, 18 June 2012

The Ring a Ding.

The Ring a Ding
Ring a Ding

   The name of this fly pattern is called Ring a Ding and this is one of my own creative nymph pattern that I came up with while brain storming for new fly tying ideas. The fly in the photo is the result of mixing 2 very different fly patterns together, one is the famous soft hackle Spider wet fly and the other one is consider to be one of the most popular nymph pattern called the Copper John. In my opinion, I think that it is a good idea to have a fishing fly that looks like many different type of insects in the water column and the chances of catching fish with that one single pattern should be much more higher than a pattern that represent only one type of insect. It's possible that someone else might have tied this kind of fly pattern long before I did, but I haven't seen any thing like it in fly tying magazines and many of the other popular fly tying websites & forums. As a fly tier I like to experiment with lots of different tying ideas and materials, sometimes the fly will turn out to be a disaster and sometimes the fly will turn out to be something very special and unique. One of the most important thing about fly tying is to have fun and enjoy what you do as an fly tying artist or as an extension to the fly fishing sport. When I start catching fish with the flies I tied, I get the feeling of accomplishment, because my fly patterns fool the fish in to taking the fly.!

  • Hook- nymph or wet size 10 to 16 Mustad 3906B
  • Tail- yellow goose biot (sub colour of choice )
  • Body- medium gold wire (sub colour of choice)
  • Thorax- Yellow ice dub (sub colour of choice)
  • Hackle- partridge, mallard, starling, mottle hen
  • Head- black peacock ice dub
  • Thread- uni 8/0 or 6/0 yellow (sub colour of choice)
  • Add head cement to whip finished area.  

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