Saturday, 7 July 2012

The marabou tube flies

The blood sucking tube.

Red & White  

Silver Doctor Blues
   These are some of the marabou tube flies that I tied and took photos of awhile ago. They were made for fishing the Niagara falls steelheads, but I still haven't had a chance to use them for that particular purpose and hope to get a chance to use them before the summer is over. Even though the Niagara falls steelheads is open all year round, but fishing in the winter is really hard on the hands and fingers, especially trekking through the snowy slippery trails in the Niagara forest areas and the steep mountain slopes is tremendously dangerous. But the idea of big steelheads waiting for me down the river is really tempting and the cravings of catching fish out weigh some of the dangers. I made a similar trip with a fishing buddy to the Niagara river for steelhead last year. We were using conventional spin rod settings and artificial lures like X-rap, Live targets minnows, Mepp #3 spinners, but we didn't catch anything. I know that there's got to be fish in the river, because I saw a few fisherman caught some small ones, maybe 2 or 3 pounds steelhead or rainbows. They were using rows of salmon eggs and drifting them under a slip float rig on a fly rod. Maybe real salmon eggs is better than the artificial lures when it comes to targeting steelheads. I will go again to challenge the Niagara river steelheads and will be better prepare & equip with the proper gears and baits. I really hope that some of the nymphs and tube flies that I tied will work and fool some of the big steelheads into taking my flies.! OK. Lets get back to the tube fly, it's a really simple pattern to tie. The whole fly is consist of palmer marabou & soft webby hackles like large hen feathers or schlappen on a plastic tube. I'll list the material below for anyone who wants to try it out, remember that all the material & colours can change and mix around for a different kind of looks that will fit your own personal taste.!!!  
White & Chartreuse

        Material list

  • Tubes- HMH, Pro tubes or any kind of tube size 1/8 or smaller. soft or hard
  • Body- white marabou, mylar
  • Head- schlappen, hen, mallard
  • Krystal Flash- pearl, silver, gold
  • Thread- Uni 6/0 or 3/0
  • Note: leave space for junction tube. 

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