Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Caddis Dry Fly.

My caddis. golden olive 
My Caddis top view.

  This is my new semi realistic adult caddis dry fly pattern. The idea came about when I was trying to create a caddis pattern that doesn't need any dry fly hackle around the collar and still floats just as good or even better, So my only go to options was a fly foam body & substitute the dry fly hackle with cdc feathers ( cul de canard ). The fly in the photo was the result of my first successful tie of this new hackle-less caddis pattern. It was supposed to be called a "Tape Wing Extended Body CDC Caddis" but the name was way too long and it sounds more like a fly description instead of a fly name, so I just called it "My Caddis". This pattern is pretty easy to tie, but there's a few things that is needed to be made ahead of time, like the scotch tape caddis wings, the segmented fly foam body & the small burned mono eyes. It's better to colour the wings & extended body before hand and let it dry completely before tying it onto the hook and the only materials remain are micro-fibbets, cdc feathers & a small amount of mix rabbit & antron dubbing. I will list the materials and tying steps in order for anyone who would like to try it out.!

My caddis. brown
My caddis. silver & gray

      Tying Steps

 1- Start thread & tie in 2 pcs of micro fibbets around 1 or 2 mm. behind hook eye.

 2- Tie in mono eyes on top of the antennae tie in point with a few figure 8 wraps & continue thread to hook barb.

 3- Tie in pre-made extended body by the hook barb, #'s of segments depend on hook size. The front of the extended body should reach the thorax area or 1 to 3 mm behind mono eyes.

 4- After body is secure, make a slit in the middle of the tying thread or make a dubbing loop & insert cdc fibres to make a string cdc hackle and wrap it around thorax area & tie off. #'s of hackle wraps depend on the cdc string hackle length and quality.

 5- Tie in scotch tape caddis wing & add a Little bit of mix dubbing to cover thread wraps and do a single figure 8 wraps around mono eyes & whip finish, add a drop of head cement & the hackle-less dry fly caddis is complete.!

My caddis brown.

Hook- dry fly size 12 to 18
Body- 2 mm. fly foam. ( burn butt end ) optional.
Wings- scotch tape ( reinforce with packing or sealing tape ) optional.
Legs- cdc feather fibres
Thorax- mix rabbit & antron dubbing
Eyes- heavy mono fishing line 15 or 20 lbs, burn both ends.
Antennae- micro-fibbets
Thread- uni 8/0 or 6/0

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