Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Parachute Daddy Long Legs.

Parachute Daddy Long Legs
  Daddy Long Legs

  This is one of my most recent fly tie, I call it the Parachute Brown Sugar Daddy Long Legs. It's pretty obvious that the whole fly is brown and probably could have call it something else, but what the heck, the name sounded ok, I guess. There's not much to talk about on this particular fly pattern, just another fly tying experiment. This daddy is tied on a size 12 TMC thin wire shrimp or scud hook, with a segmented brown foam extended body. The hackle post is brown antron and the hackle is a light brown saddle hackle. The wings are hackle tips which came from the same light brown saddle cape, using the smaller or shortest feathers available. The legs are knotted pheasant tail fibres and some peacock ice dub was used for covering the base of the hackle post or thorax area. It's a pretty simple fly tie. The hardest part is probably making the foam body and the rest is pretty straight forward.!


  • Hook- shrimp or scud size 8 to 14
  • Body- 2 mm. fly foam
  • Legs- knotted pheasant tail fibres
  • Wings- saddle hackle tips
  • Hackle post- antron post material
  • Hackle- dry fly brown saddle     
  • Thorax- peacock ice dub
  • Thread- Uni 8/0 or 6/0 

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