Friday, 23 November 2012

The Ghost Moth Pattern.

The Ghost Moth Pattern.
     This is one of my most recent fly pattern and it's called the Ghost Moth. I got the idea from looking at  photos on Google image about a rare moth specie. Even though it might not be on the list of insects in a trouts regular diet, but it does resemble an emerging caddis or some other dull colour insects stuck on the surface film. This pattern consist of only a few materials and is pretty simple to tie. This fly sit really nice and flat on the water surface and it floats very well because of the deer hair wings and I also try a new technique tying in the hackle fibres behind the thorax and coming out from the sides, which I think will give the fly more support on the water surface and should float much better. The hackle fibres is also use later on as the thorax cover and thus eliminating the  need to use scud back or extra materials for that particular purpose. I will list all the materials for this fly pattern below for any fly tiers who wish to try it out. Remember that all the materials on this fly pattern can be replaced with other materials to create a new and different fly pattern. I really hope this fly pattern can become one of those go to fly that a fisherman can depend on when times are tough on the rivers or lakes and hope that it will catch them the big ones.   Thanks!

   The Ghost Moth materials.

Hook- Mustad C53S Long & Curved Size #10 to #16.( Sub- Scud Hook )
Wings- Natural Deer Hair. ( Sub- Hackle Fibres )
Body- Mixed Dubbing. Rabbit & Synthetics Materials.
Legs Or Tactile Setae- Long Badger Hackle Fibres. (1*)
Thorax- Rabbit & Chocolate Ice Dub.
Thorax Cover- Back Ends Of Badger Hackle Fibres. (2*)
Antennae- Micro-Fibbets.
Wing Buds Bubble- UV Resin & Coats With Head Cement. ( Bug Bond, Knot Sense, CCG )
Thread- Uni 6/0 Or 8/0 White.

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