Thursday, 13 December 2012

Parachutes Dry Flies.

The Mellow Yellow.
The V-Wing Parachute.
    The parachute style of dry flies is one of my  favourite fly patterns.1- Because it's easy to tie and 2- It works on almost any type of fish species that prey on insects in the rivers, like Trout, White fish, Pan fish and many others. 3- The best part is that it float very well & sit nice and flat on the water surface. I will upload a few of the parachute patterns that I tied up recently like this Mellow Yellow, Using a yellow Peacock quill for the body & a type of yellow flash for the hackle post, died yellow grizzly neck hackle and a wood duck tail.. The next fly is one of my new fly pattern that I created by mixing a Klink-Hammer & a Evil-Weevil together and I call it the V-Wing Parachute. The tying steps is pretty simple.

Hook- scud or egg hook size #10 to #18
Body- mixed yellow ice dub & antron
Rib- small black mylar
Wings- natural goose biot
Legs- hen or soft hackle fibres
Hackle Post- mixed black & yellow flash
Hackle- yellow grizzly neck
Thorax- black peacock ice dub
Thread- black & yellow 8/0
The Blood-Midge Emerger 2.

  I also did a blood midge and a regular midge emerger using the same method, but on a different hook and body materials I posted the photo below  for any who is interested in trying it out.!

Hook- dry size #12 to #16 (bending is optional)
Body- .5 mm clear stretch (red perm marker)
Underbody- red 6/0 or 8/0 thread
Tail- antron & red flash
Wings- white goose biot
Hackle Post- red flash material
Hackle- grizzly saddle
Thorax- rusty brown ice dub (black perm marker)

The Midge-Emerger.

The V-Wing Parachutes.


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