Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Blood Midge Parachute.

Blood Midge Parachute.
 This is the Blood Midge Parachute dry fly pattern that I came up with after watching a video on you-tube about midge pupae emerging from the water column that make a characteristic U shape with their body before they complete the full transformation from pupae to adult. That's when I got the idea of bending the hook to make the U shape that an emerging midge does during the emerging process and it work out really well. The finish parachute dry fly looks really nice in the water column with only the middle part of the body submerge, the tail and post remain high on the water surface. This is a simple pattern, but the down side to this fly is the bending of the hook to a U shape without loosing too much of the hook gape and the smallest size possible is a #16. But other than that, it's still a very effective fly pattern in different colours, like red, brown, green, yellow, black and many other colours is possible. I will list the materials and procedure needed for this pattern at bottom of this page.!

   Tying the Blood Midge Parachute.

1- After bending of hook. Put hook in the vise and start thread behind hook eye with 8/0 black thread.
2- Tie in white antron post or sub with other post materials like deer hair, cdc, white hackle tip.
3- Continue thread to just past hook bend & tie in some white antron for tail.
4- Tie in a strand of red uni flex about 4 to 5 inch long or sub with stretch floss and bring thread back to post in touching turns.
5- Tie in grizzly saddle hackle and secure to post convex side facing yourself.
6- Start ribbing the body with the red uni flex in touching turns to post and tie down. add some black ice dub to thread and dub behind post .
7- Start turning the grizzly hackle down the post concave side facing down and tie off.
8- Add some black ice dub to thread and finish dubbing the rest of  the thorax to just behind the hook eye and whip finish. add some head cement to tie off point & add a drop of head cement to hackle under post for security. Fly Complete.!                            

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