Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Tiger Damsel Nymph.

Tiger Damsel Nymph
Tiger Damsel Nymph
 The Tiger Damsel Fly Nymph is my first post for this  blog. This is a wonderful impressionistic damsel fly nymph pattern that is pretty easy to tie and the body become transparent when is wet. I will list the materials needed for this fly in a order from the head to tail. I'll try to make it as easy to understand as possible. Starting with a wet fly hook size 8, but can be made bigger or smaller is up to the tiers own preference. Secure hook in vise, using white 8/0 or 6/0 thread, tie in 2 micro-fibbet for antennae and tie in a medium mottle or regular chain bead eyes with some figure 8 wraps. Continue thread to hook bend or to barb and tin in 3 grizzly hackle tips for tails. Now tie in a single strand of 0.8 mm clear stretch cord about 4 to 5 inch long and bring thread back to thorax area in touching turns.Use a black permanent marker to make a few thin marks for a segmented body and start ribbing the body with the clear stretch cord until thorax area and tie off. Tie in a small mallard feather with the tip facing toward the tail for wing pads (concave side facing the hook shank) and pull the mallard feather back for thorax cover. Tie in 2 knotted pheasant tail legs, add some grey antron & rabbit dubbing, repeat 2 more times with shorter pheasant tail legs until reaching the chain bead eyes. Bring thread behind hook eye and pull thorax cover over and tie off. Whip finish, trim mallard wing pads to size and add a drop of uv resin on top of thorax cover, add some head cement and the fly is complete.!

Tiger Damsel Nymph
Tiger Damsel Nymph
List Of Materials.

  • Hook- wet or nymph  size 6 to 12
  • Tail- grizzly hackle tip
  • Body- clear stretch, thread, black marker
  • Wing Case- mallard & uv resin
  • Thorax- grey antron & rabbit
  • Legs- knotted pheasant tail fibre
  • Eyes- mottle chain bead
  • Antennae- micro-fibbet                                   


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