Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Emerger Caddis Pupa.

side view

top view
  This fly pattern is called the Emerger Caddis pupa. The body of this fly is made with 2 type of materials, one is a .5 mm clear stretch cord and the other is a single strand of olive bass spinner silicone skirts. The clear stretch cord was accidentally discover while I was walking around the jewellery section inside an art & craft store. The clear stretch cord is such an amazing material, small in diameter, very stretchy, transparent and easy to work with. I use a lot of it in my nymph and wet fly patterns. This is my first attempt at making a soft segmented nymph body with 2 kinds of material and it worked out really good, because when this fly gets wet I can see the thread colour underneath and the glossy effect is really cool and buggy looking. I personally believe that this fly pattern will fool the best of the smartest trout around. Even though this pattern doesn't even come close to the better looking  realistic caddis pupae versions, but I got to have confidence in the flies that I tied and think that they will produce, until proven otherwise. To the fly tier who stumble upon my blog, I wish that the things that I mention in my post will help them to improve and to tie better flies or at least discover a thing or two that they might find useful. I will list the material needed for this pattern below and I really hope that it will help who ever wants to try this fly pattern in their home waters and catch more fish because of it. Tight lines.!

The list of material needed for this nymph pattern.

  • Hook- scud or nymph size 6 to14
  • Body- .5 mm clear stretch cord & a strand of olive silicone skirt
  • Legs- knotted pheasant tail fibres
  • Thorax- olive rabbit & olive antron mix dubbing
  • Wing- Indian mottle hen feathers
  • Thorax cover- 1/8 brown scud back
  • Eyes- 2 drops of uv resin. one on each side
  • Antennae- 2 micro-fibbets  
  • Thread- Uni 8/0 or 6/0 olive


  1. Vinny, can you do a step by step on this pattern? Thanks!!

  2. Great craftsmanship Vinny, thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing pattern. I will tie some up and have fun releasing a lot of fish. Thanks for sharing!