Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Micro-Jelly caddis larvae.

 Size #20 Micro-Jelly caddis compare to a Canadian dime. 

Size #20 Micro-Jelly caddis larvae
  This fly pattern is called the Micro-Jelly caddis. These are some of the smaller flies that I tie for using as droppers or by it self, drifting it under an indicator. This particular fly pattern is tied on a size #20 Tiemco 2487 style hook, but could be tie on bigger or smaller hooks, it's really up to the tier and the size of hook they're comfortable with. The colours of these caddis body are all came from the thread colour that was used, Uni 8/0 in olive, rusty brown, black, chartreuse & yellow. There're also many other colour  possibility too, like red, purple, pink etc. This is a very simple fly pattern to tie, consisting of only a few tying steps and 2 or 3 materials and its done. I know that there's a lot of fly tier out there who really like simple, easy to tie, but effective fly patterns, including myself and I hope this fly pattern is one of them. I will list all the materials and tying steps below in tying order from starting the thread to whip finishing the fly.!

Materials needed for this pattern.

  • Hook- scud hook size 12 to 22 or smaller.
  • Thread- Uni 8/0 in different colours
  • Ribbing- 0.5 mm clear stretch or D-rib
  • Thorax- rabbit dubbing, peacock herl or ice dub.
  • Legs- partridge, mottle hen, mallard or any hackle fibres. (optional)

1. Place scud hook of choice in the vise and start thread behind hook eye, continue thread in touching to just    past hook bend.

2. Tie in a piece of 0.5 mm clear stretch cord about 4 or 5 inches long for easier handling, continue thread back to the thorax area in touching turns for a smother body, about 2 to 3 mm behind hook eye.

3. Start ribbing the body in touching turns, tight at first and begin to loosen up the clear stretch slowly to make a somewhat taper body, tie off clear stretch at thorax area around 2 or 3 mm behind hook eye.

4. Now is a good time to add some legs with a few hackle, partridge or mottle hen fibres.( optional)

5. Tie in 2 peacock herl to finish the thorax area or dub some rabbit dubbing or ice dub to the thread and dub the thorax. Whip finish and add a drop of head cement to complete the fly.!

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