Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Late-X-Caddis Pupae

 Late-X-Caddis Pupae.

Late-X-Caddis Pupae.
 This fly pattern is call the Late-X-Caddis pupae nymph. I got the idea of using the latex from a guy name Mikel Elexpuru. He's got a video on you-tube tying a caddis pupa using a strip of latex material for making the body. The latex he uses is better or different from what I use for my pattern. The latex strips that I got was from a pair of thin latex glove, which I found a box of 100s in the kitchen cupboard, they were use for food prep and cleaning. I thought they were quite similar, so I took a pair and cut them in to 3 to6 mm strips for my nymph body. The latex glove strips works pretty good, I got the hang of it after a few tries. When I wet the latex material it start to turn somewhat transparent and that let the olive colour thread to really shines through. Add the soft green wire ribbing and the body is done. Tie in 2 pairs of knotted pheasant tail legs and tie in a piece of 1/8 brown scud back for thorax cover and add chocolate ice dub to cover 1/2 the thorax. Remove tip from the mottle Indian hen feather and tie it in for wings and dub rest of thorax with the same chocolate ice dub. Tie in 2 micro-fibbet facing the rear end. Pull the scud back over the thorax and tie off, add a little bit of the same chocolate ice dubbing over the tie off point and pull back the scud back to cover the tie off point for eyes and whip finish. Add 2 small drops of uv resin one on each side of eyes, add a drop of uv resin on top of thorax cover and cote with some head cement and the fly is complete.!  

List of materials needed for this latex caddis pupae pattern.

  • Hook- scud or nymph  size 8 to 14
  • Body- latex glove strips & soft green wire
  • Legs- knotted pheasant tail fibres
  • Wings- Mottle Indian hen feather
  • Thorax- chocolate ice dub & 1/8 brown scud backs
  • Antennae- micro-fibbets
  • Eyes- uv resin & head cement
  • Thread- uni 8/0 olive 


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